My name is Larry Hinkle. As you can tell from the site's poorly designed technicolor layout, I'm a copywriter. 

Over my 20+ years in advertising, I've worked for a lot of different shops. Some were great, some were good and some were not.

But I learned something at every one of them.

My work has been recognized by the New York Festivals, the London International Advertising Awards, the Silver Microphones, AdWeek, and the ADDYs, to name a few. 

I've been fortunate enough to convince a large number of companies to trade their money for my words, including DISH Network, the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL), The Broadmoor, California Casualty, Xcel Energy, AEP (American Electric Power), Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Nationwide, Time Warner, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, among others.

Currently, I'm copywriter/partner at Lunchbucket Creative, a small boutique shop with offices in Colorado Springs and Omaha, Nebraska. But since a good chunk of our work comes from freelance assignments, I'm putting my stuff up here as well. 

I love writing, beer, zombies, stand-up comedy, cynicism, Diet Coke, loud music, TV, skiing, dogs, the colors purple, orange and black, horror, proofreaders, the Cleveland Browns, THE Ohio State University, my friends and family, and smart advertising. I hate pretty much everything else.

Except for you and your splendiferous account, of course.